Welcome to Axis Insurance Services, Inc.
For nearly two decades, our focus has been to provide a complete value to each of our clients insurance experience.

Insurance is complicated, that is why we  take the time to to know our clients, and understand their needs, only then we will tailor a policy or a combination of policies to address them.

Axis Insurance is here to give you peace of mind, and provide you with service beyond the every day common. 

Our Services
          Axis Insurance Services is an independent multi lines insurance agency, We are licensed in many states and not restricted by the type of risk, territory or coverage needed.
  1. Hospitality Insurance
    At Axis Insurance, we have been insuring hotels and restaurants across the country for nearly 20 years. Our thourough knowledge of the industry is a proven assets to our existing as well prospect clients.
  2. Artisan Contractors
    We are as familiar with contractors as it gets, we know how they work and operate and what matters most to them day in and day out. Our policies are all inclusive of they require to run a successful business.
  3. Property Coverage
    Properties come in all shapes and sizes, but all require the same thing, a comprehensive policy that will be there in times of need, from covering the elements, to fire and vandalism to loss of income.
  4. Stores and Grocers
    We insure grocery stores from small towns and major cities, and convenience stores and gas stations across the country, our experience can give you an edge on both pricing and coverage.
  5. Professional Liability
    We understand the implications of errors to a professional, whether it is a doctor, a lab or any licensed professional, we got just what you need to prepare you for a situation where you will need coverage.
  6. Manufacturing
    Factories are the heart that pumps life in the US economy, and insuring their survival after a loss is critical, that is why we have coverage packages custom fitted to most manufacturing risk.
Insurance We Specialize In
Although we are a generalist, but the following lines are what we write the most.
  1. Grocery Stores
  2. Professional Liability
  3. Hospitality
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Contractors
Our Carriers
       We represent dozens of carriers in order to fulfill our clients insurance needs, this is only a small sample of the companies we work with, We will match you with the right carrier and at the right price. .
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